Global Mindset and Cross-cultural Competence

For some Japanese communication with non-Japanese can be difficult and stressful. Very often misunderstandings are not only based on a lack of English language skills, but on a different mindset. When cultures collide, familiar signals, rituals and values may become meaningless as they are either unknown to the other party or may even have a very different meaning. Mixed Japanese and non-Japanese teams face particular challenges if they need to report to or manage each other.

Cross-cultural Competence and a Global Mindset will help Japanese employees to understand how different cultures communicate. Communication in this context includes thinking styles, negotiating, decision making, relationship building. With my training offer I aim at providing sustainable solutions on how to become cross-culturally competent while staying true to oneself. This may affect the behaviour in meetings and other business situations, the reporting, presentation and negotiation style as well as the written communication.

Cross-cultural competence does not only mean to communicate appropriately with diverse people, it also comprises expectation management – how to manage your own and your supervisor’s expectations. My training programme will enable you to build resilient relationships in an international work environment. It will help you to bridge cultural differences, to discover the opportunities for personal growth in diversity, and to pursue shared business goals with your colleagues.