Global Mindset and Intercultural Competence

Working and living with people from different cultures can be difficult and stressful. Fascination for the unknown often wears off when we are confronted with the challenges involved in such encounters. When cultures collide, familiar signals, rituals and values may become meaningless. The better you are aware of your own values and beliefs, the better you will handle situations where those values and beliefs are questioned.

Teams of mixed nationalities face particular challenges if they need to report to or manage each other. Intercultural Competence and a global mindset will help employees to understand how to communicate across different cultures.

My training programme will

  • enable you to build sound relationships in an international work environment,
  • help you to feel at home if living abroad,
  • empower you to bridge cultural differences,
  • support you to discover the opportunities for personal growth in diversity,
  • guide you to pursue shared business goals with your colleagues.

With my training offer I aim at providing sustainable solutions on how to become interculturally competent while staying true to oneself. In work life, this may affect the behaviour in meetings and other business situations, the reporting, presentation and negotiation style as well as the written communication. For your expat life, this affects your ability to integrate into society, to transform from a tourist into a local citizen, to become part of a community and to cherish the opportunity of living abroad.

Heike Geiling