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I definitely have a much better understanding of cultural differences after the cultural awareness training program. It was interesting to see how some other cultures are so close to our Japanese culture in some ways, but so far away in others. I appreciated the moments when we shared our opinions and personal experiences.

Mayumi Lee

An overall very interesting cultural awareness program. I especially liked how the role plays revealed how different Japanese tend to react compared to people from low context cultures.

Naoko Takami

This cultural awareness class definitely met my expectations and I learned a lot of new things today. I liked the role plays best as they forced you to take a different position. It was interesting to see the country comparisons and to put the different cultural dimensions into perspective.

Miwa Ideshita

The Cultural Awareness training class definitely raised my self awareness. My key learning from this class is that respect for the different cultures is the most important notion.

Hizuru Takami

I liked the graphs and the visualisation of the topic. It was eye-opening to see the cultural differences between the European countries which I considered to be much “closer”. I would recommend this cultural training to any other foreigner, especially Asians who plan to work or live in Europe or other Western countries or who are working with Westerners here in Japan.

Ran Kim

It was interesting to see the data of other countries and to share the experience with other participants. The cultural awareness training raised my awareness for the fact that we behave differently whether we talk to Japanese or non-Japanese people: I can accept behaviour from a non-Japanese that I would hardly accept from a Japanese person.

Asako Kuwajima

I collaborated with Heike on a large pan-European communication campaign. Her professionalism and enthusiasm ensured the success of the campaign at the European and national levels. With her expertise, she was also able to advice in the best possible way our client. Heike is a great person to work with.

Caroline Danloy, Department Director – Events, Media & Stakeholder Engagement at ICF Mostra

I collaborated closely with Heike when we were both members of ResMed’s global brand communications team – Heike representing the European region and I, the Asia Pacific. Heike brought a high level of professionalism and best practice to all team interactions. She also demonstrated a great ability to navigate her way through the complexities of large, fast growing organisations, create and build teams and to simply “get things done”. She was a valued and respected colleague.

Jenny Donnithorne, Managing Director at Mint Health

Our collaboration of setting up a project across 27 EU member states with many people involved was a constant pleasure due to Heike´s professionalism paired with her mindful, ingenious and friendly character.

Reimund Simon, Consulting Director EU Affairs at ICF Mostra

I had the pleasure to work in Heike’s team when I worked for Ketchum Pleon. Heike managed an international communications campaign involving media relations, event management and stakeholder communications in 27 EU countries. Heike gave her team members the possibility to work independently while at the same time being on top of things and taking the lead in managing business partners as well as the client when needed.

Johannes Kleis, Head of Communications at BEUC