Cultural Awareness

What is Cultural Awareness? How do you build it?
Why do you do things in a certain way? Why do you react in a certain way? Why do you sometimes feel offended? What makes you proud and happy? And why do your foreign colleagues do not feel the same way?

Cultural awareness is key when it comes to interacting with people from other cultures. What is considered appropriate in one culture can be inappropriate in another. Misunderstandings often occur when we are unaware of our own behavioural rules. We tend to project our own values, beliefs and perceptions on others. This training class will help participants understand what “culture” is and how they can raise their awareness of their own culture and of those of their colleagues. Participants will learn to take a step back and to analyse difficult situations. Role plays will help them to identify and to overcome cultural differences.

Participants will learn to observe their own behaviour and to analyse critical situations in their business life. The training course will help them to gain a greater understanding of their own cultural settings and to view global cultural settings in relation to their own. They will be able to see diversity as an opportunity for their personal growth and consequentially for their company’s growth.

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