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Cycles, Rituals and Life Stages


A one-day urban retreat following life cycles and how we can add more ritual to our earthly life.

November 11th 2017

ALL DAY 10:00-18:00 with lunch 

Central Tokyo location TBC

Give yourself a day completely immersed in your life and the cycles and rituals that support it and how you can add more play, rituals and celebrations to navigate the cycles of life, no matter what stage you are at.

It will be deep, fun, playful, serious, exploratory, revelatory, and peaceful.

Do you mark each life stage?

Do you have rituals to celebrate your changing body, mind and the people around you?

Do you want to plot and plan ways to create ritual and be more assertive in your earthly life from here, even though God and Religion may or may not be of great importance to you?

The join us for this day of coaching, exploration, life-planing, preparing and designing gorgeous and robust ritual to take you through each life stage with grace, love, assertiveness and playfulness.

Heike Geiling is based in Nurmberg, Germany. She is the founder and owner of Beyond Global Mindset, focussed on intercultural training and facilitation. She is a multi-lingual intercultural specialist with a passion for using assertiveness to help people to be more effective in life and work. During her 2 years in Tokyo she and Sarah worked together and formed a bond of celebration and friendship whilst working at consultancy Canning and Associates, delivering cross-cultural training and coaching. She has been a presenter at the FEW Japan Career Strategy Seminar and continues to fly back to Tokyo to deliver Working with French Partners workshops for a Global Car Company.

Sarah Furuya is a coach and consultant based Tokyo and the founder of Sarah Furuya Coaching. She is a life coach, executive coach, consultation and a professional priestess. That last one is not on her CV but ritual and celebration are fundamental to her life and mental wellness and that of her clients.  She has delivered numerous workshops and retreats on life planning, intuition, curiosity, playfulness, psychometrics, art and coaching, mind mapping, finding your authentic voice and losing the labels. She has a passion for helping her clients have a better experience of life and work. Life stages and cycles are unavoidable. We can navigate them and prepare for them, but can ritual help us to have a rich and loving experience of these cycles?

Together Sarah and Heike are about to enter another life cycles as they enter their late 40s and are interesting in exploring how women in any stage of their lives can ritualise their changes. They have been through many life cycles, including multiple country moves, pregnancy and children’s cycles, relationships, family cycles, death and birth, and as they enter the cycle of being the village crones, they are reflecting on how ritual, celebration and assertiveness can help us to create our own cultures to support our changes and recognise new cycles and life stages we close and open. As they unfold and recur, we can create systems and rituals around them to make them delicious, to make them as fun as possible and to mark our progress and evolution as humans.

Cultures and religions have markers for many events, from baptism, to 100 days celebration, coming of age day, Bar Mitzvah, First Holy Communion, Weddings, Birthdays, and Anniversaries. But as we become less religious and traditional, we can become disconnected from many rituals. Perhaps family and tribal rituals that used to be a given are now disparate and in the distance due to increasing distance between families and especially for expats. As women entering many different stages of life, creating ritual around our cycles and changes can add a layer of richness that could be the difference between a miserable experience and a playful one.

From a very young age we begin cycles. Then there is the cycle of work, marriage, pregnancy or parenthood. The agency of youth and the gravitas of turning 40. Cycles of chemotherapy, the menopause, cycles of human life; losing grandparents, parents, peers. All these inevitable life events that throw us into change and can be disorienting. Is there some way to make these events more sacred. More cherished. More beloved. Secret sacred cycles. Shared, inclusive rituals that help all of us understand and navigate the changing landscape around us, within us and in our physical body. Japan is terrific at ritualising and cherishing a whole life and the cycles that take place. Of celebrating life milestones and health, and ritualising death so the living can move on. We will explore ways in which we can do this in our lives and create new family, friend and individual rituals. The goal is to feel good, have a better experience and navigate the ebb and flow of the human experience.

Info@sarahfuruya.com to reserve your seat and get details of location and payment.

Location is here at Ninetytwo13.

Address: Akasaka 9-2-13, minato-ku, tokyo (Map at bottom of link- 6 minutes from Roppongi station & 6 minutes from Nogizaka station)

¥25,000 per person including lunch and refreshments

¥20,000 FEW Members


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